About Seascape Ship Management

Seascape Ship Management is a marine institute focused on providing high quality marine education with latest state of art facilities and training aids . Seascape Ship Management Is activity in multifarious activities for more than two decades of marine management and maritime education with high reputation. The institution is affiliated and working as a franchise of season foundation charitable trust, as season marine collage, the naval connection, season ship management & marine services which is recognized and affiliated by director general of shipping, Govt. Of India. The course curriculum of the institute has a modern approach towards offering quality technical and management education with maximum industry orientation and more stress is given on maintaining national and international benchmark, aimed at imbibing the students with confidence and skill.

OUR TEAM & STRENGTH : Seascape Ship Management team consists of highly skilled marine experienced faculty with more than 10 years of experience in Navy Our placement team consist of individuals with overseas experience and networking which gives us edge over any other players in market to provide better training and opportunity for any cadet who is looking to endravour in field of merchant navy.

OUR MISSION : Create a world class marine institute with a Affordable Expenses for youth endeavouring their career prospect in field of Merchant Navy.

OUR VISSION : To build a world class organization in field of education to cater to the national and international demand and supplement necessity with quality manpower for a better world.